1. Don't break US Law.
2. Language inflammatory enough to call the attention of law enforcement will get you a ban.
3. Don't invite individuals who registered outside our matrix host into the server. The ending of their full username must have an approved host or @example:manyellingatclouds.xyz username - this will be expanded to approved hosts later like the christian server. People who are not on the approved list (hostnames) cannot be here. This is because it opens up insecure data leakage.
4. Don't maliciously spam with the intent to end conversations.
5. Pedophiles aren't allowed in here
6. Don't post Child Pornography
7. No members of press or law enforcement are permitted in without the permission of the admins.
8. Other rules may be set by room owners for THEIR OWN ROOMS, we have no control over that, but these 7 rules apply server wide.
9. we will kick you out if you break these rules