Rules & Service Agreement

  1. Don't break US Law.
  2. Language inflammatory enough to call the attention of law enforcement will get you a ban.
  3. Don't invite individuals who registered outside our matrix host into the server. The ending of their full username must have an approved host or username - this will be expanded to approved hosts later like the christian server. People who are not on the approved list (hostnames) cannot be here. This is because it opens up insecure data leakage.
  4. Don't maliciously spam with the intent to end conversations.
  5. Pedophiles aren't allowed in here
  6. Don't post Child Pornography
  7. No members of press or law enforcement are permitted in without the permission of the admins.
  8. Other rules may be set by room owners for THEIR OWN ROOMS, we have no control over that, but these 7 rules apply server wide.
  9. we will kick you out if you break these rules

To Sign in on phone (select other) or Standalone client (edit on the signin) use:

For Help use


On this server using the directory you can make your own spaces, make public/private, E2E and more.


Group calling only works on desktop through jitsi. New updates on the mobile platform are planned to support native group calling on matrix/element. you can try out our public call room here:

Email Recovery

yes, we have it and we suggest you use an email that you do not have a common attachment to. We also recommend this guide to moderating your room


passwords: Your password is not in plaintext they are encrypted. if issues come up with logging in. Come find me and ill reset it.


when entering a E2E room.(the room will have a black shield icon or it will say in chat) You receive a key. Keep that key to recover messages when you login to new clients or apps. Secondly, in the security and privacy areas please make sure certain you get both keys including the Cryptography key to further retain your information.

What is E2E?

Some rooms have E2E it protects your information from everyone. Server admins will only see a scramble mess of text and the key stays with only you. You only have the key to decipher the messages. If you lose the key. No one can recover them but you. Short guide on getting your keys and restoring them

Public Rooms

when you join a public room or a room listed in the directory, they do not have encryption, that we know of. Please be mindful of this. We will update it the further we go on. So you know what security stuff to know about and what not to mess with Learn about the shields and how to handle red shields if you have one by going to "delete sessions" area of this page



"Employees worry that, should Signal fail to build policies and enforcement mechanisms to identify and remove bad actors, the fallout could bring more negative attention to encryption technologies from regulators at a time when their existence is threatened around the world."

Every single telegram public chat invite link just got 'leaked'. All 747,462

Legal pressure to have telegram removed off apple and google since the parlor thing.

Location tracking

Bans whenever they want