Information About Us

Welcome to our Matrix server. Let's get started on what things are and what you can do in this place. Man Yelling At Clouds is a semi-private and this place got started because we wanted to have conversations with our own friends. New policies that would change everyday on platforms like twitter and discord with prevent us from talking to each other and so we built our own space to have conversations. We later decided to open the space up for others if they also want to use it.

Basic Help & FAQ


Registration and connecting to the server is very easy when you know how and when you know how, You can use your invite link or code to invite your friends. Please remember that this is a semi-private place so please refrain from inviting folks over your public timeline on and No Email & Phone Number is required to register.
to register start here: get started

Setting up your encryption keys and remember you keep the keys and that means if you lose the keys. we cannot recover the old messages from your past however we can help you delete your old sessions and the tutorial will show you how to reget a new key.
need help with getting your key? Start here: Get My Key



Entering the Matrix server for the first time can be scary and so we have a public room you automatically join and it acts as a public timeline where everyone on the matrix server can interact in one place. Some people use it for dabate and five hour fights and others use it to find true love.. which ever way you use it. always remember you can build your own rooms and your own spaces or join existing rooms and spaces. Welcome to #Allchat

Join the main public rooms

There are several chatrooms (channels) on the server. You are in full control which ones to join – this also means you’ll need to explicitly join the ones that are of interest to you. The public chatrooms are starting points to join the spaces and explore further.

use the Navigation Button in upper left corner (marked) to continue joining the other chatrooms.


Light / dark mode

Switch to Light Mode or Dark Mode depending on your preference. Click on your username in upper left corner, and use the round button (marked) to switch:


Display name and avatar

Set your display name and avatar (profile picture) to your liking. You can use virtually any characters in your display name, including space.
Click on your user name in upper left corner and continue to All settings:


This opens a panel with user Profile settings, among them Display Name and Avatar (profile picture). Edit your Display Name to your liking. Click on the profile picture (to the right, round) to select a new picture.
Apply both changes with the Save button (marked).


Short FAQ

  1. How do I downvote something?
    You Uninstall Element
  2. what is the red shield icon?
    Sign out of your unverified sessions found at Security and Privacy settings and if you have to sign out all of them. it means you need to get a fresh backup key
    if you have one and need help to "delete sessions" check the delete sessions area
    get started