A semi-private community out in the middle of nowhere

Getting Starting & Privacy

Before you start

Here is all that you’ll need to complete the process:

  • a computer with one of common web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) for privacy: VPN, enabled and operational
  • pick a login and fresh new password for your new account
  • either a registration token given to you or a registration link with said token provided
  • optional, but recommended: an image for your avatar (profile picture)
  • optional, but recommended: a new email address for this purpose if you plan to use email recovery
  • be ready to write down and store securely login, password, and also an encryption key that will be provided

Privacy considerations

It bears emphasizing that Man Yelling At Clouds (MyAC) is ran by our team, and hosted on a virtual private server. I ask you to use VPN to maintain privacy; this avoids your computer connecting directly to the virtual private server. There are several common VPN providers, from my private experience I recommend Private Internet Access.

To maintain privacy, do not use your personal name and surname; instead pick a moniker (pseudonym). Likewise with profile image – I recommend you use a piece of artwork or otherwise something not connected to you personally. Consider using a new, separate email account if you do plan to use email recovery.

Lastly, as part of service we offer voice chat and video calls. Before you join, be sure you want to share your voice with other users; consider privacy implications – somebody might recognize you in the future. Be double sure your camera is disabled, unless you are absolutely sure you want to show your picture.

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